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1. It is not only hard because of drawing by human force, but also has a lot of restrictions while using it.


2. In a baby buggy, usually parent who has babies wheel their baby carriages when they go out for    

    shopping, but they feel inconvenience by a lack of storage space.


3. The automatical wheel chair has only mechanical structure in the cases, but it is troublesome and

    has    a insufficiency of storeage space. It just has a aim of movement.



Basically, main robot can shift a heavy load  with spontaneous operation which indicates the movement by hand operation or passive operation which means the moviement by a senser.



Automatically operation is handled wireless, which is an auto movable system operated by the communication between the main body and remote control. The customer can carry easily to destination without special operation.


H.M.R has folding structure which allows easy to move and to keep.


- Cart


This is a kart kit which could carry luggages. A portable kit made up of clothes and posts used after shopping

- Baby buggy


The baby buggy kit. Parent who has babies wheel their baby carriages when they go out for shopping. When they have their luggage with them it would be hard for them to move. H.M.R, the automatic transport robot, can solve this problem and give convenience to housewives. This kit is safety since the weight of the kit is divided into four wheels.

- Electronic wheelchair


The aged/disabled kit. the operating position would be changed, and rotation of left and right is operated by d-2. Operating part is available to both left and right hand and also joystick part would be easily installed to disabled those who are unable to use hand freely. 

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