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Researches about cell structures, connection of elements and cellular shape and patterns. Designed by giving a structural shape to cells increasing. Expressed the dispersion of light from the lampshade as forms of breeding cells. 

Shape that cells are bred and Connected structure character and abundance through repetitive patterns. 



LUMINES was devised as the new solid. Because a space was made between the two floors in the lightning, it makes illusion like a shape of square.

The inner part of the feature is made of translucent material so that light can be soft shine. On the other hand, the outside features expressed the resection of light using materials that light does not penetrate. The lampshade was given changes in the material expression using metal in the outside and white color in the inside so it can make modern, simple and gentle feeling. 


The one structure was made with a connection of three features. The inside is a lampshade that consisted of the upper and lower one, which is connected with respectively four features. And then three features were placed in the shape of a triangle and hooked up then one of the structures was completed. Next, the completed four structures were connected like pyramid and were put on the inside of the lampshade. Moreover, people can feel the richness and fun because of the variety of structure’s face forms, depending on the viewing angle.

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